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Swaziland Health & Social Center
Swaziland Health & Social Center

Throughout the year, the Fort Worth Sister Cities calendar includes unique and exciting events highlighting culture, cuisine, art and entertainment from each of our sister cities. Activities are held at many locations throughout Fort Worth to create and celebrate international friendships in a fun, casual and educational atmosphere.  Fort Worth also hosts delegations of citizens visiting from our Sister Cities throughout the year. As we show them our Texas style hospitality, we exchange our cultures in many ways.

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Our members are a diverse and culturally aware group of individuals that you will be delighted to get to know.

  • Youth Programs – Fort Worth Sister Cities offers several opportunities for young people to develop an intimate understanding of a country’s culture and its traditions, represent their family and their city to the local schools, community centers and the sister city’s local officials.
  • Cultural Ambassador– Fort Worth Sister Cities offers its members a unique opportunity to travel with official delegations to one or more of our sister cities each year. As a Fort Worth Ambassador, you will enjoy many unique experiences. Delegates may attend events held in their honor and are able to exchange customs and friendships with families that home-host them during their visit.
  • Delegation Leader– Represent Fort Worth and lead their group on visits to our sister cities.  They will be received in the sister city by the mayor as an official representative of Fort Worth and the Sister Cities program.
  • Emerging Leaders Network – This energetic, motivated group is comprised of alumni from Sister Cities programs, university students, and young professionals, ages 18 to 39, with an interest in all things international.
  • Professional Development Exchange – Opportunity for members to connect with professionals in their field of expertise with ample time for peer exchange and discussion of logistical and educational strategies.
  • Educator Partnerships These partnerships are committed to a common goal to provide educators with creative teaching tools preparing youth to be future leaders and to give them essential skills and experiences necessary to succeed in a global society.

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Our programs would not be as successful as they are without the dedicated support of our volunteers.  As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, make friends, develop interests and enjoy the rewards of being involved in something bigger than yourself.  Our volunteers generously give their time and are an integral part of our team.

  • Home Hosting – On many occasions, Sister Cities members have the opportunity to host international visitors in their homes.  This is a very personal way to share our culture and expand your horizons.  These visits frequently lead to lasting friendships for years to come.
  • Program Support Volunteers work with Sister City youth program to prepare materials, facilitate group learning activities and encourage relationship building between students who may be from different countries and speak different languages, but are united around a common goal of building peace.

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Our internships are centered around international project management and provide you with hands on experience in managing youth and adult exchanges and local projects.

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