Educator Partnerships

Collaborations with educators from elementary school to university levels enhance education for global success.

Fort Worth Sister Cities International and local school districts, private schools, universities and colleges have established successful long-term partnerships promoting international educational initiatives that compliment their international teaching curriculum in the classroom.  These partnerships are committed to a common goal to provide educators with creative teaching tools preparing youth to be future leaders and to give them essential skills and experiences necessary to succeed in a global society.

Are you an educator? If so, you might be interested in joining your colleagues. Become a delegation leader and discover our sister cities through our youth ambassador program.

Get Involved

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 Who is Eligible?

  • All educators interested in promoting multi-culturalism and a desire to learn other methods to instill global lessons into their students’ lesson plans
  • University professors with students with an international focus
  • Education focused students enrolled in study abroad programs

Our schools continue to be an invaluable component of our international programs.Sister Cities educational programs provide a positive resource for educators to instill in their students an appreciation for other cultures, and to engage students in the bigger picture by incorporating global perspectives into their classrooms.Each year, Fort Worth Sister Cities provides programs for educators to participate in global education locally and in all of Fort Worth’s sister cities.

University to University Partnerships
2011 – Texas Wesleyan University PhD students at Reggio Emilia City Hall with the City Council officer over education.  15 TWU students traveled to Reggio Emilia, Italy to study and observe the renown Reggio Children’s Program in early childhood education.  They met with university faculty to invite for a reciprocal exchange.  This will be part of their Cultural/Communication in Education program to develop a sustainable program annually

Texas Christian University global partnerships with our sister cities have included faculty-led exchanges with programs focused on language, the arts, education, political science, business, to service exchanges in Nagaoka, Japan; Budapest, Hungary; Toluca, Mexico; Mbabane, Swaziland and Trier, Germany.

“Fort Worth Sister Cities gave me the incredible opportunity to live and work in Italy between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college. I had an internship at Reggio Children in Reggio Emilia, Italy during September and October, 2009. I learned about the Reggio Approach to early childhood education, about working in an office, and about all the work that goes into making a company successful at home and abroad. This internship was my first real job experience that required really using my skills, and I enjoyed being challenged at work. I had a wide range of assignments, including translating and proofreading documents, doing research for the company, and miscellaneous tasks, such as letting people into the building and setting up the conference room for meetings, so I felt that I gained experience in many different areas.

My favorite part of working at Reggio Children was my co-workers. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly, and always willing to help if I had a problem, or explain something to me if I didn’t understand. When I completed finish an assignment, I was always thanked, which made me feel that Reggio Children valued me, that I was helping the company, and doing valuable work.

Overall, my experience at Reggio Children was very positive, and was the best work experience that I have had to date. I made friends, had the privilege of working in a center that displays incredible exhibits and where there is always something going on, and my Italian improved tenfold, if not more. My internship really was a life-changing experience that would have been possible without the help and support of everyone at Fort Worth Sister Cities.”

~Mary Robinson
  Alumni Program – Emerging Leaders Network
  International Leadership Academy
  Associate Delegation Leader – Olimpiade del Tri – Colore – Italy
  Board member, Fort Worth Youth  International
  Youth Ambassador – Japan, Italy, Swaziland, Germany
  Host family for 8 years