Youth Exchanges

Fort Worth has eight sister cities around the world ready to be explored. Sister Cities has provided international outbound youth exchanges since 1985 to give students a competitive edge in today’s global society. Students selected:

  • Participate in a US Department of State recognized program
  • Meet city officials in both Fort Worth and the sister city
  • Volunteer on projects emphasizing global community service
  • Share Texas culture and promote Fort Worth to the world
  • Explore and gain an understanding of different cultures while making life lasting friendships
2018 Youth Exchanges Dates* Cost*
Budapest, Hungary March 10-18 $2,400
Reggio Emilia, Italy March 10-18 $2,400
Toluca, Mexico March 10-18 $1,500
Trier, Germany March 10-18 $2,400
Mbabane, Swaziland June 5-15 $3,800
Nagaoka, Japan June 29-July 7 $2,500
Nagaoka, Japan – Harashin Scholar July 27-August 6 $350
Nîmes, France June $2,400

*All dates and costs are approximate

Click here to download 2018 brochure & application

 Application and Interview Process

To apply, complete an application and submit a $25 student membership fee, copy of last report card, recommendations from two teachers, and one page typed and double spaced essay on “Why I want to be a Youth Ambassador” by October 20, 2017. You will then be contacted to schedule a personal interview in November where you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Fort Worth Sister Cities International offers 3 different opportunities to obtain scholarship funds for Youth Ambassador Exchanges. The 3 scholarships available are:

  • Yamagata Emerging Leader scholarship
  • Harashin scholarship
  • Need-based partial scholarships

Each scholarship has different requirements and some include extra application items in addition to the standard application. Please read carefully to make sure you understand all the requirements. You may apply for more than one scholarship.

Yamagata Emerging Leaders Scholarship

The Yamagata Emerging Leaders Scholarship was created by Fort Worth Sister Cities to honor two community leaders, the late Tadashi & Elaine Yamagata.

Scholarship outline

  • Leadership & community service-based
  • Covers up to $2,000 (not including $350 program fee)


  • Current 10th & 11th graders
  • Second essay on “How my leadership and volunteer service has impacted the community”
  • Resume outlining leadership and community service
  • Must attend second interview on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 between 10:00 a.m. and noon.
  • Recipients are expected to serve on the Fort Worth Youth International board during 2018 and volunteer at the Sundance Santa fundraiser in December 2017

Harashin Scholar

Since 1990, The Harashin Company has funded scholarships for eight Fort Worth students and two teachers to travel to Nagaoka, Japan for an educational and cultural enrichment exchange. In return, the families of these Fort Worth students host students and teachers from Nagaoka in their homes for a reciprocal exchange.

Scholarship outline

  • Academic & leadership-based
  • Applies only to exchange to Nagaoka, Japan July 25-August 3, 2018
  • Covers entire cost except $350 program fee


  • Current 9th through 11th graders
  • Must participate in reciprocal exchange August 8-15, 2018 and host their Japanese brother/sister
  • Recipients are expected to serve on the Fort Worth Youth International board during 2018 and volunteer at the Sundance Santa fundraiser in December 2017

Partial Scholarships

Fort Worth Sister Cities has a fund for students in need who wish to go on exchanges. Scholarship recipients will receive a letter after their interview detailing their scholarship award.

Scholarship outline

  • Need-based
  • Scholarship amounts range from $100-$1,000


  • Scholarship Request Form
  • 2016 tax return
  • Recipients are expected to volunteer at the Sundance Santa fundraiser in December 2017