Professional Development Exchange

Encouraging greater international awareness is the focus of Fort Worth Sister Cities International professional development exchanges.  As part of our citizen diplomacy initiatives, these programs offer travel opportunities in the form of delegation trips to each of our sister cities, as well as local activities geared at creating global understanding.

Who is Eligible?

  • Professionals seeking international contacts and experiences
  • Adults seeking greater understanding of the ways we interact with cultures other than our own.

Note to Educators – Fort Worth Sister Cities offers several programs and exchanges specific to educators.  Check out our Educator Partnership page for more information.

Outbound exchanges give members an opportunity to travel to our sister cities, connect with professionals in their field of expertise with ample time for peer exchange and discussion of logistical and educational strategies.

Inbound exchanges offer the opportunity for members to share their specialized skill set as well as develop relationships and promote cultural understanding of our community.

Get Involved

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Culinary Immersion Exchange

On a recent culinary immersion exchange, participants were amazed and delighted to learn about the process of making cheese.  “We began the day with a tour of Parmeggiano Reggiano cheese fattoria where we were able to see the entire process of cheese-making from a vat of milk all the way to the finished product (a process that takes more than a year!) This all-natural process that is specific to this region makes this Parmesan extremely tasty and even valuable– one 100 pound wheel is worth about $1,000!”


Cultivating Police Strategy

Officers from Toluca, Mexico came to Fort Worth to participate in a training offered by the Fort Worth Police Department in which both departments had the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss which strategies have been successful and why.


Fine Art Exchange

An art exchange with Trier, Germany featured a tour of the Centre de Pompidou Museum and an introduction to the local artist of the featured exhibit.