Our Impact

Our Impact

Positive results, in Fort Worth and beyond.

Deepening intercultural understanding positively impacts our community and our world in countless ways, providing significant economic and cultural benefits to the city of Fort Worth including:

  • Annual economic impact of more than $14 million
  • 500 visitors annually for cultural and educational exchanges
  • 15,000 days spent in Fort Worth by visitors each year due to exchanges
  • Nearly $100,000 awarded in educational scholarships annually
  • Virtually raised awareness of cultural competency and training opportunities, reaching thousands

In 2020, Fort Worth Sister Cities International continued our robust programming virtually in recognition of the fact that cultural competency is more important now than ever before:

  • Youth “exchanges” with students in Budapest, Hungary; Nîmes, France; Reggio Emilia, Italy; and Trier, Germany
  • Adult receptions and dinners, including entertainment with some of our sister cities, that provide cultural insights
  • Economic relations meetings with officials in Toluca, Mexico, with participation from the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, City of Fort Worth Economic Development Department and the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce arranged by City Councilman Carlos Flores
  • An active social media presence that allowed us to share international traditions through cooking classes, music appreciation, holiday customs, arts and crafts, and much more

Of special note is our seven-week Virtual International Leadership Academy (ILA), which focused on high school students from Fort Worth and our nine sister cities. Our participants reported:

  • 87% increased cultural awareness
  • 86% increased awareness of global issues
  • 88% expanded knowledge of other cultures
  • 71% improved problem-solving skills
  • 63% felt more self-sufficient

Download our most recent Annual Report for more information, including financial statements and revenue breakdowns.

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“Fort Worth Sister Cities plays a vital role in the vitality of our community. The interactions we are able to participate in as a result of the organization’s work provide a common platform for representatives from different parts of the world to discuss issues from both a cultural and economic standpoint. As Fort Worth continues to expand its international presence, these types of relationships will be extremely important.” – Robert Sturns, Economic Development Director, City of Fort Worth