Nagaoka, Japan

Nagaoka, Japan

Friendship in full bloom.

The relationship with Nagaoka – the fireworks capital of Japan – represents Fort Worth’s most active program, with over 200 youth and adults exchanging each year for programs in sports, culture and education. Surrounded by hills and mountains, Nagaoka lies in the alluvial plain of the Shinano, Japan’s longest river. Nagaoka enjoys distinctive seasonal changes: cherry blossoms in the spring, rich greenery in the fall and snow in the winter. Nagaoka is renowned for superior rice production and high-quality sake, or rice wine. Nagaoka is also a transportation hub and center of commerce in the Chūetsu area, the mid-prefectural region.

Experience Nagaoka, Japan

Our relationship with Nagaoka provides opportunities that are as varied as they are plentiful and have included:

  • An annual two-week educational exchange made possible in part by more than $1 million in scholarship funds (sponsored by the Harashin Co., the “Safeway” of Nagaoka, for more than 25 years)
  • A spectacular fireworks gift for Fort Worth’s celebration as an All-America City
  • Fire, rescue and Red Cross training
  • Rotary and Soroptimists civic programs
  • Cowboys and culture tourism programs
  • Participation in the 100-day Sun and Star Festival Parade and the Sister Cities International celebration

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Konnichiwa from Nagaoka Mayor Tatsunobu Isoda.