About Us

About Us

Connecting globally. Thriving locally.

Fort Worth Sister Cities International (FWSCI) is a proud member of an international network of citizen diplomats from more than 500 communities, with over 2,000 partnerships in 145 countries around the globe. Fort Worth’s continuously expanding international network now includes nine sister cities.

At FWSCI, we believe that building trust on a global scale starts by fostering culturally competent citizens and communities. And that takes more than travel or education. It takes experience.

Fort Worth Sister Cities International is uniquely poised to give our local residents the ability to truly experience other cultures, whether at home or abroad. We connect Fort Worth with the world by:

  • Modeling culturally competent practices as an engaged, volunteer-driven organization
  • Serving as an international relations resource to government, media, education, nonprofit and for-profit businesses
  • Promoting peace and understanding through personal, intercultural relationships – locally and internationally:
    • Coordinating virtual and face-to-face community enrichment events
    • Hosting visiting students and adults
  • Developing effective, trusted international business partnerships and lifelong friendships from our sister cities network
  • Increasing cultural awareness and competency in citizens:
    • Developing robust protocol services and diplomacy education
    • Offering subject-matter expert presenters for community programs
  • Training emerging global leaders

Fort Worth Sister Cities International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Funding and in-kind support from the City of Fort Worth play a key role in our mission, but most of our work is made possible through the support of our Members Circle of Giving. This group is a thriving network of individuals, organizations, corporations and community leaders committed to expanding global relationships for peace and prosperity at home and abroad. Find out how you can support FWSCI.

Our Mission

To promote Fort Worth globally and enrich our community through international education, exchange and commerce, creating a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Our Vision

To serve as Fort Worth’s leading advocate and resource for international relationships and ambassador for peaceful civic engagement.

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“Fort Worth Sister Cities International is a vital partner in bringing global perspectives to our city. First impressions make a big difference. So, we rely on FWSCI training for our hospitality team to ensure we deliver a Texas welcome in a culturally sensitive way.” – Bob Jameson, Visit Fort Worth