Adult Exchanges

Adult Exchanges

Experience your world.

We believe you’re never too old to expand your horizons. That’s why our adult exchanges are designed to enrich participants’ lives – on both a professional and a personal level. As part of our citizen diplomacy initiatives, these programs offer travel opportunities in the form of delegation trips to each of our Sister Cities, as well as local activities geared toward creating global understanding. Outbound exchanges give members an opportunity to travel to our Sister Cities and connect with professionals in their field of expertise, while inbound exchanges offer the opportunity for members to share their specialized skill sets, develop relationships and promote cultural understanding of our community.

Who is eligible?

  • Professionals seeking international contacts and experiences
  • Adults seeking greater cross-cultural understanding

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Exploratory and Diplomatic Missions

Fort Worth Sister Cities’ newest initiative includes exploring countries with topical interest to Fort Worth citizens. With an objective of broadening the view of the world beyond Fort Worth’s current sister cities, delegates learn about the intricacies of US relations with other countries. The overall goal of the exploratory, educational and diplomatic missions is for US citizens to meet and get to know people around the world in order to gain a new perspective and enhance citizen diplomacy efforts on behalf of the US.

The organization has led educational missions to the following countries:

  • Vietnam – 2014
  • Cuba – 2016 & 2017
  • Jordan – 2017
  • Russia – 2018
  • Argentina & Uruguay – 2019

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“Traveling with Fort Worth Sister Cities is a first-class opportunity to experience the values and cultures of other cities first-hand.” – Councilman Cary Moon