Trier, Germany

Trier, Germany

Relationships that stand the test of time.

The oldest true city in Germany, founded in or before 16 B.C., Trier is a magnificent and breathtaking city known for its scenic beauty and historical monuments. The city is located in western Germany with a close proximity to three neighboring countries: Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Its varied geography features the valleys of the Moselle, Saar and Ruwer rivers; extinct volcanoes and crater lakes; vast forests; the German-Luxembourg Nature Park; and the highest mountain in the Rhineland, the Erbeskopf. Trier has direct train connections with Bonn, Cologne and the Ruhr area, to name a few.

Experience Trier, Germany

Since Fort Worth and Trier became Sister Cities in 1987, joint efforts have sparked diverse and bountiful exchanges for hundreds of people, including annual student exchanges and an active intern program between the two cities. Other exchanges have included:

  • Music and dance performances by chancel choirs, bands, bell choirs and ballet companies
  • Artwork created by adults and children
  • University-level exchanges
  • Cultural exchanges featuring regional cuisine and customs
  • Hunting expeditions into the mountains of Germany and across the plains of Texas

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Mayor Wolfram Leibe speaks about Trier’s 30-year-long Sister City partnership with Fort Worth.