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Hidden Gems: Fort Worth & Budapest

In honor of Republic Day in Hungary on Oct. 23, we are inviting you all to participate in a fascinating and eye-opening social media challenge. Starting Oct. 19, the Budapest Committee will start sharing their favorite hidden gems about Fort Worth and Budapest on Facebook and Instagram.

We want you to post your favorite image of something off the beaten path in your city, e.g. an architectural gem or sculpture not normally seen by tourists or even generally known to residents. So, think unusual, interesting places and people in your city that not everyone may have heard of, but has a special meaning to you.

People from Fort Worth are encouraged to share their favorite photos from Fort Worth, and our Budapest friends are encouraged to share photos from Budapest. However, if you have visited either city and have interesting photos from there, please share, and share your story.

To participate make sure you:

  • Use the hashtag #hiddengems
  • Make your post public so we can share it
  • Tag @fortworthsistercities
  • Nominate three friends to do the same
Join the Budapest Facebook group.

October 19 - October 23