Fort Worth Wins Best Youth Program in the Nation for the Fifth Time

Fort Worth Wins Best Youth Program in the Nation for the Fifth Time

2024-06-24 09:55

In 2023, Fort Worth, Texas achieved a remarkable feat by winning the Sister Cities International Innovation in Youth & Education Award. This prestigious accolade recognizes outstanding youth programming in cities with populations exceeding 300,000. Competing against over 500 sister city programs nationwide, Fort Worth stood out for its commitment to promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.

Our youth initiatives serve as a beacon of hope—a testament to the transformative power of Sister Cities. By harnessing innovation, we’ve strategically leveraged our resources to elevate international and cultural competencies. In today’s interconnected world, programs like ours are not merely beneficial; they’re essential. Students immersed in our initiatives gain invaluable insights into global issues, broaden their cultural understanding, and forge lasting international friendships.

Join us as we continue to shape a brighter future—one where youth empowerment transcends borders and fosters a more compassionate, interconnected world.


  • Global Awareness: Achieved a 100% increase in understanding global issues.
  • Cultural Knowledge: Ensured a 100% expansion in knowledge of diverse cultures.
  • International Friendships: Fostered new international bonds among all participants.
  • Self-sufficiency: Enhanced a sense of independence in 93% of participants.
  • Leadership Excellence: Saw an improvement in leadership skills in 90% of attendees.
  • Problem-Solving Prowess: Boosted problem-solving capabilities in 93% of the youth.

In 2023, Fort Worth Sister Cities International ignited a global spark in over 900 young minds. These students, a vibrant mosaic of Fort Worth’s rich cultural tapestry, showcased our city’s diversity to the world. Here’s a breakdown of their representation: 30% Latino/Hispanic, 40% White, 15% Black, 6% Asian, 8% multi-racial, and 1% Native American.

Programs Conducted in 2023:

  1. Youth Ambassador Exchanges: Orchestrated nine visits with our sister cities, fostering a global exchange of ideas and cultures.
  2. Tricolore Games: United through competition, we celebrated athleticism and camaraderie across borders.
  3. International Leadership Academy: Cultivated the next generation of global leaders through intensive, hands-on learning experiences.
  4. Young Artists & Authors Showcase: Provided a platform for young creatives to express their visions of peace and friendship internationally.
  5. Global Gallery Night: Deepened appreciation for learning about world cultures and art.
  6. Kodomo No Hi: Honored Japanese Children’s Day, immersing participants in the rich traditions and festivities of Japan.
  7. Spanish Dual Language Camp: Bridged linguistic divides, empowering students with the tools for bilingual communication.
  8. Lunar New Year Celebration: Rang in the Lunar New Year with vibrant celebrations that illuminated the cultural significance of this time-honored festival.
  9. Refugee Service Project: Extended a helping hand to those in need, reinforcing our commitment to humanitarian efforts.
  10. World Learning Virtual Homestay with Haiti: Erased distances with technology, connecting hearts and minds through virtual homestays.

Through these initiatives, FWSCI is not just reaching out to the youth; we are shaping a world that thrives on diversity, understanding, and mutual respect. We’re building bridges where walls once stood, and in doing so, we’re crafting a legacy of unity—one young leader at a time.