Happy holidays from Fort Worth Sister Cities

Happy holidays from Fort Worth Sister Cities

2021-12-13 02:20

A short time ago we celebrated Thanksgiving. For many, it was a day for family and friends to connect and be grateful (and eat a lot of deliciousness)! When we think about the many things to be grateful for a few big ones rise to the surface – we’re thankful for our health, safety, and loved ones. But, here at Fort Worth Sister Cities we have a long list.

We are grateful for:

Our relationships. That’s what we’re all about. Our mission is to create and sustain relationships – with people, cities, cultures, and organizations. Think of the friends you have made around the world, either in person on an international exchange or during a hosting opportunity here in Fort Worth. There are even some made virtually. They all count.

Our volunteers. In our 36-year history there have been way too many to count! We were created by volunteers. We are led by volunteers. They lead our youth delegations abroad and conduct our local programs. They greet and home host guests from around the world. They work in our office. They are the background of this organization. The only way a staff of four people can do the work we do is because of these people.

Our leaders. Our 50-person board of directors is a working board – and we mean work! Just ask one. Our city committees educate the community and open their homes to the world. The Mayor and City Council give a lot of official and personal time to support our mission. Educators lead youth programs and exchanges in their free time (you would think they want kid-free time)!

Our members. This group of people give us the gift of their belief through their support. All non-profits depend on community support and our members give year after year because they believe. They believe in our value and give to sustain Sister Cities another 36 years and beyond.

Our youth. Ah, our future. Cliché or not, they are the future. These students show up, participate and grow. They are developing empathy, respect and understanding of others, a critical need today and we are grateful for them.

We are making a huge impact on Fort Worth, but we want to do more. Help us by joining today and enjoy benefits throughout 2022.