International Students Visit Local Businesses

International Students Visit Local Businesses

2018-06-28 11:58

Fort Worth, TX: Meet the World in Fort Worth

High school students from eSwatini, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, and Mexico, along with Fort Worth students, participating in the 29th International Leadership Academy for Fort Worth Sister Cities International will be meeting with some of Fort Worth’s finest on July 20.

For the second year, volunteers are taking small groups of students to meet with community leaders, in their offices, where they will conduct an interview based on this year’s ILA theme, “Meet the World in Fort Worth.” They will talk about citizen diplomacy and the community leaders are encouraged to ask the students questions in return.

This event gives students the opportunity to see Fort Worth in a new light and meet with people who are giving back to their community. A mixture of students from each country will be organized into small groups so the interviewee can experience the cultures of our Sister Cities, as well.

“The students will be challenged to improve and refine their leadership skills and learn how diverse cultures can support common goals. It’s a tremendous opportunity for personal growth,” said Nancy Marchant, ILA and JILA Coordinator.

Meetings will take place at 10:00 a.m. on July 20. If you would like students to come visit with your business or you would like to volunteer for the day, please call 817-632-7100.

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