International Youth Ambassadors Given Oath at Council Meeting

International Youth Ambassadors Given Oath at Council Meeting

2018-02-13 10:23

FORT WORTH, TX – Students selected to visit Fort Worth’s Sister Cities

Nearly 100 Fort Worth students recently completed a vigorous selection process and have been selected to represent the City of Fort Worth as Ambassadors to several of Fort Worth’s international partners.

These students and their delegation leaders will attend the Fort Worth City Council meeting Feb. 13 at 7:00 pm where Mayor Price will administer the Citizen Diplomat Oath to the students and their delegation leaders.

“Selection of Youth Ambassadors is a competitive process and we feel we have an outstanding class to represent Fort Worth and the U.S.A. this year,” said Dr. Sheryl Harris, Chair of the Exchanges and Outreach committee of Fort Worth Sister Cities International.

This year’s Youth Ambassadors will represent Fort Worth in France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Swaziland. Scholarship assistance of over $100,000 is awarded annually ensuring a diverse group of students and teachers.

A complete list of Youth Ambassadors can be found at

Congratulations to all the Youth Ambassadors who will embark on life-changing exchanges this year. Represent us well!