Student Ambassadors to Visit France, Hungary, and Italy

Student Ambassadors to Visit France, Hungary, and Italy

2024-02-26 10:21

Fort Worth students and leaders depart next month for Nimes, France; Budapest, Hungary; and Reggio Emilia, Italy. Delegations are led by educators from the FWISD, private schools, and universities.

In February, the students attended a Fort Worth City Council where Mayor Mattie Parker administered the Citizen Diplomat Oath to the students and their Delegation Leaders in preparation for their upcoming youth exchanges.

Students complete a vigorous selection process including personal interviews and are selected to represent the City of Fort Worth as Youth Ambassadors each year by Fort Worth Sister Cities. Applications are available for all students, as well as funding to support many.

Through these experiences, students benefit from a global education, as well as learn valuable leadership skills. Their understanding and respect of other cultures also increases which enhances their college and career opportunities.

When the students return to their local campuses, they share the lessons learned while abroad with others, helping make Fort Worth more globally fluent. More students will be traveling this summer.

For a full list of students visiting our sister cities, click here.