Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation

2021-03-29 04:12

April is National Volunteer Month and we’ll be honoring and celebrating our volunteers all month. We can never say enough about our volunteers because — they are our life-blood!

Sister Cities has a small staff of four and many people ask us, how do you all do the hundreds of programs and exchanges you do every year involving thousands of people?

We tell them, it’s easy! How? We have amazing volunteers including:

  • Students who make friends around the world for Fort Worth and help refugees here at home;
  • Home and day hosts who open their hearts and homes to international visitors;
  • Educators who, along with their enormous workloads, take the time to encourage their students to participate in this unique opportunity called Sister Cities;
  • Donors to the Members Circle of Giving who open up their wallets and support our mission;
  • Committee members who plan events, secure donations, help market activities, recruit others to help and are always there when we need them;
  • City officials who host guests visiting Fort Worth and travel as official representatives to other countries; and
  • Our board of directors who guide us through sometimes difficult decisions, plan for the future and are committed to making a difference here at home and in the rest of the world;

That’s how we do it and we are so thankful for each and every one of you!

The Staff of Fort Worth Sister Cities International

Mae, Joe, Beth and Danielle