Youth Represent Fort Worth in France, Japan, Swaziland

Youth Represent Fort Worth in France, Japan, Swaziland

2018-05-31 10:53

FORT WORTH, TX – Youth Ambassadors travel to three sister cities

Forty-six students and leaders are visiting three of Fort Worth’s sister cities this month including Nîmes, France; Nagaoka, Japan; and Mbabane, Swaziland.

These Youth Ambassadors of Fort Worth benefit from a global education. In addition to learning leadership skills and participating in cultural exchange, they also receive training to become citizen diplomats representing the U.S., Texas, and Fort Worth which enhances their college and career opportunities.

“Today’s growing global community is making more of a footprint in young people’s lives, making cultural understanding and exchange a pivotal part of a student’s education. Our student-centered program ensures students develop the skills necessary for them to pursue their own goals and become globally-minded leaders in their communities,” said Johnny Campbell, Chairman of the Board of Sister Cities.

Educators from the FWISD, private schools, and universities will lead the delegations including:

Nîmes, France: Jay Kurima, Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Marvin Vann Griffith, World Languages Institute, as well as Associate Delegation Leaders Stephanie Atkinson and Michelle Chuah

Nagaoka, Japan: James Gleaton, Tarrant County College and Courtney Smith, Como Montessori, as well as Associate Delegation Leaders Sienna Andrade, University of Texas at Arlington and Rubi Roy, Tarrant County College

Mbabane, Swaziland: Kimberly Tezak-Daus, Diamond Hill-Jarvis, as well as Associate Delegation Leaders Madeline Hale, University of Texas at Dallas and Jailine Garcia, Tarrant County College

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