International Leadership Academy Reimagined as Global Leaders in Action

International Leadership Academy Reimagined as Global Leaders in Action

2023-12-20 12:50

Since 1989, the International Leadership Academy brought young people from Fort Worth’s nine sister cities to the area to discuss pressing global issues. Participants lived on the TCU campus and shared a room with students from another country while attending classes designed to challenge stereotypes, highlight cultures, promote diplomatic dialogue, develop leadership skills, and solve global problems.

Next summer, Fort Sister Cities will launch the pilot program of Global Leaders in Action July 11-21, 2024. This program will again bring international students to Fort Worth and encourage students to explore how they see other cultures and understand global influences while using leadership skills to promote world peace through service to their communities. Participants will collaborate with one another to design and implement leadership and cultural training for students in the Fort Worth community.

Global Leaders in Action is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced educators who, along with several international partners, have developed a very interactive program. Educators and local university students will facilitate group learning experiences as the students design and implement their own leadership and cultural competency trainings for younger students at Fort Worth community centers and non-profits.

The application will be available in January 2024 and will be due March 1. Apply today>