Sister Cities Leads Second Group to Cuba

Sister Cities Leads Second Group to Cuba

2017-01-27 01:46 Fort Worth, Texas – Delegation visits Cuba on educational mission

Twenty-six delegates will depart Fort Worth February 19 on an eight-day educational mission to Cuba to learn more about the country and to promote Fort Worth. The delegation will consist of representatives from the business, education, arts, and tourism sectors.

While there the delegation will visit Santa Clara, Trinidad, and Havana.

While in Havana the delegation will meet with Ambassador Carlos Alzugaray Treto on U.S./Cuba Relations. Ambassador Alzugaray visited Fort Worth in 2016 to further educate the community on current issues facing Cuba and the US. Ambassador Alzugaray is the former Cuban Ambassador to the European Union and former Director of the Institute of Foreign Relations in Havana.

“Fort Worth is looking for new opportunities to connect around the world, which is needed now more than ever before,” said Johnny Campbell, Board Chair. “With diplomatic relations established between the U.S. and Cuba and travel restrictions being lifted, a relationship with Cuba could be of benefit to Fort Worth residents.”

The delegation will be led by Fort Worth City Councilman Cary Moon and Fort Worth Sister Cities board members Ronda & Walter Stucker, as well as Sister Cities staff Danielle McCown.

Other exploratory missions to connect Fort Worth internationally are planned this year to Jordan, France, and Canada. To learn more about these opportunities, contact Danielle McCown at 817/632-7100 or