Youth Ambassadors Travel to Indonesia and Japan

Youth Ambassadors Travel to Indonesia and Japan

2015-05-15 11:43 Fort Worth, Texas – Goodwill Ambassadors travel to two Sister Cities In June, 27 students and leaders are visiting two of Fort Worth’s eight sister cities including Bandung, Indonesia and Nagaoka, Japan.

This will be the first youth exchange to Bandung, Indonesia since 2000. Jay Kurima, FWISD ed

ucator, will lead the delegation to Bandung including seven high school students, one university student, and two additional adult leaders. They will also be visiting Yogyakarta.

The fifteen students and leaders to Nagaoka will be led by Glen Mears and Cindy Vasquez.

“In today’s ever-expanding global marketplace, cultural enlightenment and exposure is crucial for students and adults alike. We believe in a student-centered program that encourages the development of leadership skills and motivates students to pursue their own goals,” said Michael Bennett, Chairman of the Board of Sister Cities.

The youth of Fort Worth benefit from a global education. They learn leadership, communications, teamwork and problem solving skills, as well as an understanding of other cultures. They receive training to become citizen diplomats representing the U.S. which enhances their college and career opportunities.

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